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Player Contact

Mun: Ash
AIM: willowslament1
e-mail: willowslament1@aim.com
Plurk: Rubycupcakes

These are the three best ways to reach me. I'm always signed onto AIM when I'm online and check Plurk regularly. Also feel free to PM this journal, but because my internet is so slow, I prefer more instant forms of communication.

I put in 40 hours a week working the graveyard shift at a veterinary ER, so my schedule is all kinds of wonkey. My primary tagging days and times are Monday night/evening, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon. While I do check my e-mail daily, it's unlikely I'll be tagging Friday through Sunday.

Tracking [Damned]

Night 59:

[link] - Raph wakes up to alarms blaring. Disoriented and confused, he prepares himself for a fight. A strange pink light reveals things are a million times worse than they seemed.

M-A Block Hallway
[link] - Raph roughs up a cripple in search of answers.

West Wing, South Hall 1-A
[link] - Raph contemplates becoming an exterminator.

Main Hallway, 1-West
[link] - S.T. loses his lunch and Raph is an angry naked man. Apparently there are torture chambers, and S.T. is a hero.

Stairwell by Waiting Room / Lobby
[link] - ZEX decides to tag along.

Main Hallway, 2-West
[link] - ZEX reveals that Raph isn't the only nonhuman stuck in a human body.

West Wing, South Hall 2-B
[link] - Raph kicks down a door.

Disciplinary Therapy Corridor
[link] - There's no one in the torture chambers. Raph flips his shit.

27th Shuriken ➣ [Action]

[Three weeks. Three weeks in that shit-hole was too damn long. Not that Raph has any idea how long it's been. He lost track a long time ago. Now, he staggers home through the woods from his mallynap, worn, battered and bruised.

He avoids people the best he can with his last reserves of strength, and manages to get as far as House 55 before he loses the last of his resolve and his legs give out from beneath him.

Brothers, he's home. He's dead dog tired, but it's good to be back.]

26th Shuriken ➣ [Action / Voice]

[You know what's not cool? Gaining eight hundred pounds over night. Yeah, no. Raph wouldn't recommend it. He also wouldn't recommend waking up in the wreckage of wooden splinters that was once your bed because it collapsed under said weight. He also wouldn't recommend waking up a giant lizard that looks all too familiar, scaring the crap out of your brothers, breaking pretty much everything in the house by accident, or nearly giving your elderly father a heart attack.

To say the least, this has not been a good day in the life of Raphael.

But unfortunately, sulking around the house feeling sorry for himself isn't going to cut it. He's too big to move around without breaking anything, and most importantly, he's hungry. Ridiculously hungry. So he's getting out of the house for now (after dealing with the fallout from his family's reaction) and heading straight to the grocery to eat all the raw meat he can handle. After that, it's wherever the wind blows. He plans to stay away from his brothers for as long as possible. They don't need to see him like this any more than they have to.

Later on, he finds himself sitting in the forest on a damp tree stump, his journal inexplicably in hand. But yeah, come to think of it, he does have something to say to the jerks in charge, and he doesn't care if he slurs his words.]

Oh yeah. Thash real funny. Sick bastards

((Replies will be from not_gamera. Feel free to catch him anytime, anywhere.))

25th Shuriken ➣ [Action]

[Finally. Ten days after getting beat up by a girl, Raph's finally holding up his end of the deal. Dinner. With Fujiko. Holy crud.

Behold Raphael, the turtle who can charge headlong into a pack of bloodthirsty ninja like he lives there, coming apart at the seams over one stupid little date. No. Not a date. Dinner. Just dinner. But even "just dinner" is enough to diminish him into a trembling pile of nerves.

Mikey will probably tease the heck out of him, but he's the only soul he's told about this mess, and he needs help. Pizza. She wanted pizza and he has to do this right. So he and his brother are going to hit up the grocery, get some ingredients, and try to get home and make the pizza before Raph completely loses his mind.

Then at about seven o'clock he'll head off to C5, set up the rooftop picnic-thing, and make the proverbial leap.

Emphasis on proverbial, as tempting as the literal may be right now. He just wants this to go right, and with his talent for screwing things up, these are pretty terrifying times.

Hopefully he won't screw up. Hopefully she's serious and not gonna turn around and stab him in the neck once he lets his guard down. Hopefully it's a little more than just dinner, but he has his doubts. What would a girl like that want with a big ugly turtle anyways?

No matter how many times he asks, he never gets a satisfying answer. He probably never will.

Guess there's only one way to find out.]

24th Shuriken ➣ [Action]

((Backdated to yesterday morning.))

[Christmas. In the last few years since his family met Casey and April, Christmas usually meant Michelangelo running around stringing the Lair with enough colored lights to black out the city, the smell of Christmas cookies baking in the oven, cheesy Christmas movies on TV, and hours and hours of junkyard scavenging trying to find his brothers the perfect gift.

Raph likes Christmas, but not for the holiday itself. He likes it because it's one of those days when you can sit back and think about everything he's thankful for, get the family and friends together and show them exactly how much they mean to him without looking like a complete moron.

Or not. The day is still young.

This morning, Raph woke up at first light as a man on a mission. He was gonna find himself a couple of Christmas trees, and try his damndest to make it feel at least a little festive around here. It was ridiculous how a place that made such a fiasco over Halloween could go about ignoring Christmas without a hitch. That wasn't going to happen if he had anything to say about it.

So he bundled up and headed out into the cold. First, he'll swing by the shops to scavange for any kind of usable decorations, then the smithy for a saw. After that he'll head into the woods to find his trees - one for his house, one for Winry's. He's not even sure she does Christmas, but hopefully she'll appreciate the gesture. When that's done, he'll drop the one tree off at his house, drag the second over to Winry's, and knock on her door.

After that's over, he'll run home, put the tree up and string the lights as secretly as possible. Then he'll sit himself down at the kitchen table and start folding paper ornaments.

Feel free to run into him at any point.]

23rd Shuriken ➣ [Video / Action]

[You know what? Raph's not even going to bother telling people to shut up. He's been sick for a week and barely has any voice anyways. His solution? Throw his journal at a wall and stomp away to a quieter part of the house, grumbling to himself all the while.

We'll see how far that gets him.]

22nd Shuriken ➣ [Action / Voice]

[Raph woke up today feeling like he was going to get smothered to death. He was hot under the covers, and somehow that felt really uncomfortable. Actually, pretty much everything about him felt uncomfortable. His skin was too sensitive, his back was too flat, and when he tried to sit up, he felt like he had a goddamn slinky for a spine.

When he finally got his brain together enough to look down at himself, his first instinct was to curse at the top of his lungs. His second instinct was to fly out of bed, naked as he is and with all the dangly bits so horribly on display, and go find Don. He got about as far as standing before he realized how horribly his balance was off and he fell on his ass on the floor.

So after that fiasco, Raph dressed himself in what little poorly fitting clothes he had and spent the morning relearning how to walk, grab things with so many goddamn fingers, and inspecting himself in the mirror.

By the afternoon, when he'd gotten things mostly under control, he gets struck with a bright idea. He's decided to run a little...experiment of sorts. So he heads into town, trying to look as natural as possible despite how awkward he feels. It's hard to resist the urge to stalk around as guarded as he usually is, and tries his best to act cool. Act natural. Blend in.

So now he's wandering all over town, trying and failing at acting casual. Ladies, you might get an obvious eyeballing. Guys, probably just a mostly friendly "Yo, what's up."

He only wants to see how differently he gets treated looking this way. And maybe, just maybe, he'll be able to flirt with a girl without making her look like she wants to cry.

Later, he'll put up this voice message, because he loves to torture his friends:]

Yo, Isamu. Guess who? Don't tell me you're still a chick.

((tl;dr, Raph's running around town trying to flirt with girls and make nice with people despite being really awkward in this human body and completely socially retarded. Housemates, feel free to hit him up before he heads out. Responses will come from onceaturtle))


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