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I won't back down; I will not bow

I've come to bring you hell.

Hamato Raphael
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Hamato Raphael
Age: 18
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 160lbs
"Real" Name: Ralph Harmon
Room Number: M18
Roommate: Ryuugamine Mikado
Hometown: New York, New York (Lower Manhattan)
Canon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)
Canon Point: S04E26 "The Ninja Tribunal"
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Main Language: English
Second Language(s): Bits and pieces of Japanese

Current Power Limitations: None
Current Belongings: A crumpled, hand-drawn map of the institute and a pair of dissecting needles.
Current Apparel: Landel's issued military trousers. Yep, just the pants.
Current Physical Status: Bruised sternum, slight concussion, swollen knuckles, bruising around right shoulder, and coping with a new human body. Most of the injuries were sustained during a canon battle right before arrival and his post-arrival freakout.

Physical Description:
Raph’s most obvious physical characteristic would be the fact that he’s a giant talking humanoid turtle. This of course won’t be a factor in Landel’s, so I’ll provide a detailed description of the human body he will have in-game relative to his canon self.

In his human form, Raph has retained most of the short stockiness he had as a turtle. He’s slightly taller than his 5’2” canon self for the sake of normal human averages, though he’s still a rather unimpressive 5’4”. His build and physical prowess will remain the same, meaning he has musculature even an amateur bodybuilder could envy. Most of that muscle lies in his arms and shoulders, giving him a squat, bulldog-like appearance. His legs are slightly leaner, but still impressive. However, his back and abdomen lack the same marble-chiseled toning.

Despite all that muscling, Raph still manages to appear wiry, especially around his face. There is almost literally no fat on him, and where there isn’t muscle, his skin seems to cling a little too closely to his frame. With his shirt off, most of his ribs can be seen. While in peak physical condition, that slight gauntness tells tales of past malnutrition.

Due to his relatively dark complexion in the cartoon, as a human Raphael appears to be of vaguely Hispanic or biracial origin. His skin is a medium shade of caramel and heavily scarred, especially along his back, hands, and arms. Where there aren’t scars, his skin is still somehow rough and not very healthy-looking. The palms of his hands are heavily calloused and his fingernails somehow always look dirty.

His eyes are a shade of medium brown that seem nearly black in dim light and pick up bright flecks of hazel in bright light. They are extremely expressive and intense. His hair is a dark chocolate brown to black, and is kept shaved so close to his head he’s practically bald.

He has a round, broad face with a square jaw, wide mouth and prominent chin. His teeth are crooked and appear rarely attended to. His eyes are set deep, causing them to often appear shadowed. His ears are small and his nose is broad and slightly flat. His eyebrows are thick, and he almost always has hints of a five o’clock shadow.

This is a good representation.

Note!: Acknowledging the fact that Raph was at Damned before, I'm gonna play this off as if the Institute did a really shitty job of covering up Raph's supposed identity. To the previous Raph's CR, my Raph will look exactly like the old one, except his hair is shaved instead of long and unruly. Obviously he will have no memory of being there before, and the Institute has given him a new "real" name. With those things in mind, please feel free to have your characters recognize him!

"Real Life" Background: [In Progress]